Constructive Water Reporting
What do countries like Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Jordan all have in common? Sooner or later all of them will have to deal with the issue of water. That is why we asked journalists, bloggers and activists from these countries to come up with a unique publishing idea to raise awareness on the topic of water in their own countries. The award is part of a project we are putting together with Seecon, Borda for Swiss DEZA. The winners will not only take part in dedicated workshops at home, they will also get €1,000 to put toward making their idea a reality.

And did you know? A small bottle of water in Jordan costs 0.30 Jordanian dinars, or around €0.37. A Coke or Pepsi costs 0.39 Jordanian dinars, or around €0.48. Which one would you rather drink in the heat?

Apply for the workshop and the award at:
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