Friday Night At MiCT Berlin: Recker Reads
We were happy to welcome a crowd of friends and colleagues to the literary night on Friday, September 11, at our Berlin head office in what is going to be our new conference room. Our editor-in-chief Sven Recker was reading from his debut novel “Krume Knock Out”. Publisher Edition Nautilus summarises the book as follows:

“If you want to enter paradise, you have to pass by life first. An anatomising view of our society, relationships, destinies, and blind chance.”


“Imagine yourself being an elephant that wants to fly.”

In July 2015, Recker participated in the prestigious reading competition for the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize in Klagenfurt, Austria. The “Society for the Hotlist” of the independent publishing houses chose “Krume Knock Out” for the longlist of its prime award.