The Gentleman Hacker
Series 1 Episode 1:
Internet Shutdowns

Dear Listener,

Technology is not neutral. It shapes our media – From equality of access to freedom of expression, from human and cultural development to democracy itself.

Technological structures are reflections of their creators, and defines who and what is important … who and what is ignored and … who or what holds power.

Welcome to The Gentleman Hacker, the podcast that explores human-centric issues of the tech media landscape.

The topic for this premier episode is the changing nature of Internet Shutdowns, where governments give the order and communication companies comply and switch off access to the Internet (or parts of it) for political purposes.

We feature guests that highlight the experience of shutdowns, that are dedicated to improving methods of detecting them, and that are finding political ways to push back against them.

They may already be Coming Soon near you …

Yours Sincerely etc,

The Gentleman Hacker, Esq.


Mohamed Hilali from MiCT
Ashnah Kalemera from CIPESA
Alp Toker from NetBlocks

Essential Reading:

Access Now‘s 2018 Keep It On Report
CIPESA‘s Despots and Disruptions Report

Further Links: – an infrastructure-less smartphone mesh network that requires neither a phone network signal nor a wifi access point


Production Support: MiCT
Executive Producer: Michaela Vieser
Interviewer: Lea Pisier
MiCT Ghost in the Shell: Tenko Nakajima-Glenewinkel
Music: The Gentlem@n Hacker
by Louis Coumian
(excerpts used with kind permission)
The Gentleman Hacker: Adam Burns

Michaela Vieser & TGH
(photo: Klaas Glenewinkel)