A daily radio show that brought Iraqi journalists together in conversation with ordinary Iraqis, who reflected on the reality in their country.

Production Runtime:

10 July 2004 to 30 December 2004


German Federal Foreign Office, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Telephone FM was the name of a radio show produced in Berlin with Iraqi journalists, then transmitted via a partner radio station, on FM frequencies, in Baghdad.

Each Telephone FM show centred upon a conversation between Iraqi radio journalists in Germany and young people in Iraq who, as academics, entrepreneurs or cultural workers, reflected upon, and evaluated, the changes in their country. German studio guests also participated in the conversations. The content focused on the everyday life, private perspectives and professional activity of those in Iraq – the personal microcosm reflecting upon the political macrocosm.

The project was implemented by inviting Iraqi journalists to Berlin where, in consultation with German editors and journalists, the show was produced. The 1.5 hour show was broadcast five days a week on the FM partner station based in Baghdad.