Since September 2013, MiCT has been overseeing the development of the Syria Radio Network – – a network of independent radio stations that can be heard throughout Syria. Three new radio stations have recently joined the network: Radio Yarmouk63 focused on investigative programmes targeting Syrian-Palestinian issues; Radio Gul FM broadcasting in Arabic and Kurdish; and Radio Caravan specialising in educational and children’s programmes. SYRNET offers capacity building and technical infrastructure support to its 10 radio partners. In addition to the new radio stations, the network includes: Radio Fikra and Radio Rouh who specialise in children’s programmes; Radio Welat broadcasting in both Arabic and Kurdish; Radio Rozana and Radio Nasaem with the biggest team of journalists; Radio Hara from Aleppo and Radio Al Asima with news and service programmes. Syrnet is funded by the German Foreign Office.