Syrnet Radio Promo In Hama & Idlib
A team of colleagues from our Syrnet radio network in war-stricken Syria launched a popular campaign at the turn of 2015/16. It promoted the frequency of 87.7 FM in the areas of Hama and Idlib as well as the Syrnet App for Android and iOS.

More than 300 stencils were sprayed by activists of the civil society organisation “Young People Toward The Future” reading: “Do you have a radio? 87.7 FM”. They put up around 1.500 posters with the same message plus a guide for the installation of the smart phone app on walls of the two cities and the neigbouring countrysides. Also, about 3.000 brochures were distributed to people in the streets.

Meanwhile, the Syrnet team members were honoured shortly before Christmas, when the New York Times and various other top-media around the world published “THE BIG STORY” by AP about their efforts in reaching the unreachable. The reportage titled “Radio Rebels: Berlin Group Makes Tiny Transmitters for Syria” specifically focused on our innovative Pocket FM device, which had been featured by German public broadcasting radio stations Deutschlandfunk, DRadio Wissen and WDR5 in previous weeks as well.
"Do you have a radio? 87.7 FM"