A handbook offering a guide to the basic tenets of print and broadcast journalism, in both Arabic and English.

Production Runtime:

Early 2013


German Federal Foreign Office

This MICT handbook was designed to help journalists in their everyday working lives. Brief and to the point, the handbook offers concise and useful information on media basics, covering everything from interview techniques to feature writing and research.

The handbook was developed to aid the network of over 150 journalists working with MICT’s project but its use has been extended to other MICT media projects too.

Printed in both Arabic and English, the guide is useful for aspiring journalists as well as seasoned professionals who want a quick refresher. The handbook also features concise summaries and checklists and answers questions like: How do I pitch an idea to an editor? How can I make a broadcast-quality video on my smartphone? How can I protect myself when reporting in a conflict area?