A publication featuring essays on how Iraqi culture has been transformed since 2003, touching on topics such as religion, violence and artists in exile.

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Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Shahadat is a collection of interviews, articles, artworks and other editorial items that look at the cultural transformation of Iraqi society since the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Participating authors are key figures from Iraq’s cultural-political discourse and they look at topics such as the relationships of intellectuals living in Iraq to colleagues outside the country, the relationship to new and old governments, whether critical artistic output is possible now, new religious movements, violence and how one comes to terms with the past and with a life in exile.

These contemporary witnesses to Iraqi history have spent the larger part of their lives under dictatorship, lived through three wars, a UN embargo, and then the fall of Saddam Hussein. These are young intellectuals whose biographies shed light on persecution, imprisonment, courage and stoicism.