A radio show that encouraged cooperation and networking between women’s rights activists, journalists and broadcasters and resulted in national broadcasts on Iraqi women’s issues.

Production Runtime:

01 June 2005 to 01 June 2006



Sawtuha means “her voice” in Arabic and this was also the name of a radio show featuring female-specific topics. The show was put together by journalists, radio broadcasters and women’s rights activists in Iraq.

The process helped the country’s women’s right activists gain access to media, expand their communications networks and become more competent and professional in dealing with media.

Listeners were informed about women’s issues in Iraq, an area in which there is growing interest in the country particularly after legislators decided to use traditional religious Sharia law as the basis for Personal Status Law, a law that covers issues like custody of children, marriages and divorce. The radio shows were broadcast by 15 stations right around Iraq.

Communication between MICT, radio stations, female journalists and the women’s rights activists and their NGOs was coordinated through a virtual editorial platform; here ideas and information were exchanged, concepts presented, criticism aired and technical questions dealt with.