Reporting Training in the Maldives
Corruption and the centralization of economic and political power are among the biggest problems in the Maldives. In the workshop “Principles of Investigative Journalism”, television and newspaper journalists were trained in how to uncover cases of corruption and how to publish them in a sensitive environment like the Maldives without putting themselves in danger.

The Islamization of the population is also progressing. Against this background, as in the previous year, journalists from the island state met in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for a conference on “Islamism and the Media”.

The trainings were conducted in close cooperation with the International Association of Religion Journalists, Endy Bayuni (The Jakarta Post), Waqar Gillani (the News, Pakistan) and the journalist Lena Kampf, who as a staff member of the research association NDR, WDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung was involved in the discovery of the Panama Papers, among other things.


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