Our START FM is designed as a radio programme for refugees and migrants in Berlin and Brandenburg: An Arabic programme for information and cultural exchange, produced by journalists with migration backgrounds and offering practical help for those new in town.

START FM celebrated the launch of its pilot programme on Tuesday, 9th of February. From 8 to 10 pm, interviews and music were aired live from Berlin’s cultural hub RADIALSYSTEM V as part of the event ZUHÖREN (“LISTEN”) hosted by choreographer Sasha Waltz.

The START FM pilot demonstrated what an Arabic radio programme in Germany could sound like: Interviewees told about their experiences of leaving and arriving, and Arabic live music was performed.

START FM was broadcasted via live stream and at local radio stations in Syria. Visitors of the event ZUHÖREN experienced the live production of the radio show, which was also translated into English and German.

Before the launch of START FM, Christian Mihr of Reporters without Borders hosted a panel discussion with Syrian journalist Yasmine Merei, Syrian playwright Mohammad Al Attar and German publicist Carolin Emcke.

The event served as a platform for conversations and exchange about experiences of migration and the life in Berlin. Projects by and for Arabic speaking people in Berlin were presented.

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