Radio Reports Network


The development of a cooperative network of Iraqi radio stations that saw quality, balanced broadcast journalism on the air.

Production Runtime:

1 June 2005 to 1 January 2007


German Foreign Office, Government of Belgium, UNESCO

The Radio Reports Network (RRN) was formed for the production and dissemination of Iraqi radio reports. Linking a network of more than 30 journalists located all over Iraq with a network of Iraqi radio stations, RRN broadcast all kinds of radio reports, from features to interviews to vox pops, in all provinces of Iraq on a daily basis. The RRN did this using a secure Internet platform that was managed and maintained by MICT. The reports were checked for quality by the MICT editorial team in Amman before release. All participating journalists were trained before joining the network.

The main topics discussed on the RNN were the Iraqi elections, the Constitution, legislation and federalism.

The RNN aimed to provide objective, nonpartisan background information of high journalistic quality on the political process in Iraq. The other aim of the RRN was capacity building for young journalists, that was supported by the close cooperation between the radio stations. The RRN also aided in the development of independent media structures in Iraq.