Pocket FM Finalist For Empowering People
We have been honoured by the Siemens Stiftung which has shortlisted our micro-transmitter Pocket FM for the prestigious “empowering people. Award” as one of 23 finalists out of a total of 800 entries worldwide – please cast your ballot, as online voting for the Community Prize is open!

Pocket FM is a portable, lightweight FM radio transmitter especially designed by our innovation lab for scenarios with unreliable infrastructure, like crisis regions, refugee camps, rural areas, or natural disasters. It has been so far in prototype testing in Syria, Iraq and Sierra Leone since early 2015.

The control interface is kept as simple as possible, so even with very little experience in using electronic devices, you will be able to get on air within minutes. Pocket FM is powered with 10 up to 15V, so it can be used with the included power adapter as well as with a car battery or in connection with a solar system.

Furthermore, Pocket FM includes a satellite receiver, a Wi-Fi module, a GSM/3G module and a position tracker. Using radio over satellite as audio source is the easiest and most reliable way to provide live audio feed to Pocket FM, especially in remote areas without infrastructure, as no internet connection is required.