Open Eye Medals Awarded In Iraq
MiCT’s Media Academy in Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq, has proudly honoured three Iraqi colleagues with the Open Eye Medal for outstanding achievements in investigative journalism.

The first prize was awarded to Hunar Ahmed for uncovering an illegal oil business between ISIS and some official elements in Kurdistan, which took place while Kurdish Peshmerga forces were battling the Islamist militants. Hunar’s persistence in revealing the scandal demonstrated his bravery and commitment to ethical and professional standards of journalism.

Chwas Khalid won the second prize for a story on – apparently illegal – land-grabbing by a large company collaborating with authorities against the inhabitants from lower income classes. Aso Sarawi received the third prize for his investigative piece on the alleged loss of public funds by officials in charge of organizing annual Newroz celebrations in Erbil.

The awards were handed over at the premises of the Media Academy by the German General Consul in Erbil, Mr. Dieter Lamlé, on June 3rd.