North Korea Football TV Training
Most recently, MiCT organised another sports journalism workshop in Pyongyang, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. TV director Jürgen Schmitz trained North Korean counterparts in live transmission innovations, funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The three-day training encompassed all aspects of media coverage of a football match. The images in the album below document our visit, including the World Cup qualification game against Uzbekistan, which we watched as a part of the training excercise and which the DPRK won 4:2. The training built upon a first workshop conducted in 2013 by Marcel Reif, arguably Germany’s most famous TV sportscaster, and Christoph Biermann, a member of the chief editorship of “11 Freunde” (eleven friends), a critically acclaimed football magazine. More than fifty journalists joined, mostly from the Korean Central Television as well as reporters from radio stations and newspapers. The project was funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. MiCT’s DPRK programme hinges on the principal that opening up interpersonal dialogue is in itself a long-term achievement and a necessary prerequisite for peaceful conflict resolution. Similarly, training in sports journalism helps foster media exchange.