A weekly current affairs website, in Arabic, Kurdish and English, produced by Iraqi journalists and an editorial team in Berlin. The website is closely networked with the Media Academy Iraq.

Production Runtime:

December 2004 to current


German Federal Foreign Office

Established in late 2004, delivers critical reporting on political developments in Iraq. It is a trilingual website, publishing stories in Arabic, English and Kurdish, on a variety of topics – politics, media and culture – in Iraq.

The stories are produced by Iraqi journalists inside Iraq and then finalized by an editorial team that includes English, Arabic and Kurdish editors, based in Berlin, Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan. Niqash has become an important source of current affairs and opinion for those seeking detailed and balanced reporting on the country. In particular, the authenticity, detail and the geographic spread of the information is highly valued by users.

Each week Niqash sends out a newsletter with analyses of current political developments in Iraq to over 6,500 subscribers all over the world. By 2013, Niqash was averaging close to one million hits on its website per month.

Niqash works closely with the Media Academy Iraq; the organizations are closely networked, which allows graduates or professional journalists who work with the Academy to publish with Niqash and gives Niqash the opportunity to find fresh voices, ideas and information.
A participant during the Niqash workshop at Media Academy Iraq in 2011