Min al Janoub / Southern Iraq
Northern Iraq, especially Mosul being the former „capital“ of the so called IS Kalifat, has for years been in the focus of national and international attention. However, the South, is currently facing political, economic and administrative challenges, which affect cohesion throughout the country: Beginning with the collapse of infrastructure and electricity, water and health services as well as the labour market, followed by the risk of tribal and clan conflicts including the integration of the shiite militia Hashed as Shaabi into the national army or the lack of qualified personal in the local administration going along with a culture of corruption – the relevance of having a deeper look into Southern Iraq and mainly on Basra is immens.

Also journalists in the South tend to be less well educated and the level of journalistic reporting in the media is comparatively low. The project Min a Janoub will therefore focus on a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the political coverage of the southern provinces.

Photo: David Stanley