MiCT Work In Progress 2014/15
As our organisation celebrated its 11th anniversary this January, we felt it was the right time to present an overview of our activities to friends and colleagues around the world.

For MiCT, 2014 was overshadowed by the rise of the “Islamic State” (IS) in Iraq, where we started our activities in 2004, and Syria, from where many of our staff hail.  The transformational dynamics in the Arab Spring nations – heading in different directions – have been equally defining for MiCT’s work.

In South Sudan and Afghanistan, too, cooperating with journalists and publishers has become more difficult as insurgencies and armed conflicts have taken their course. In authoritarian contexts like Sudan and Iran, the objectives of media development have to be adjusted to the prevailing constraints and opportunities there.

Internally, the cooperation with ruling elites is a contested strategy at MiCT. We continue to be of the opinion, though, that dialogue stands a greater chance of mobilising movement and development than exclusion can; however, this remains up for debate.

“Work in Progress 2014/15” shall give you concise information about past, present and future projects. We trust that you will enjoy the reading material and hope that it may contribute to the international exchange of ideas about media development cooperation.