MiCT In Sulaymaniyah: Debating Media Ethics
On September 21st, a group of experts from our Berlin head office and our Media Academy Iraq brought together some of Iraq’s leading media producers, funders, journalists and editors for the second in an ongoing series of forums where members of the Iraqi media can discuss, in a free and frank way, their problems and needs. This meeting, held in Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan, assembled a panel that will make up an Ethics Committee for Iraqi media. It was a direct result of last August’s inaugural discussion, held in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. At the 2014 meeting, media producers discussed the difficulties they were facing during the security crisis, that had been sparked by the extremist group known as the Islamic State (IS). Even back then at the beginning of the crisis, it was clear that the IS would deepen already existing ethnic and sectarian divisions in Iraq. And it was felt that the Iraqi media should ensure that it was acting ethically and responsibly in order to remedy this. Just over 12 months later and those divisions – and the local media’s reaction to them – were still at the top of the agenda for the inaugural meeting of the Iraqi Media Ethics Committee.