Media Pioneers Workshops In Tunis
The first workshops of our Media Pioneers project were held from October 5th to 16th in Tunis at the Mediterranean School of Business. Our 21 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Marocco and Tunisia were split into two groups, both receiving training in media planning as well as on how to conduct their own audience research studies. It is crucial, especially for young, thriving media outlets to know who they are targeting in order to customise both content and advertising pitches accordingly. Our Media Planning Coach, Ayman Salah, was flown in from Cairo. The Audience Research team was made up of the well-known founder and director of Sigma Conseil, Hassen Zargouni, and his Media Research Manager Haythem Degachi. Further support from Germany was provided by media consultant Thomas Koch who was the perfect candidate to take on the position of Mr Volkswagen in our case study. Overall, we had productive and fun two weeks and we can’t wait to welcome all of our participants again back in Tunis for our second workshop!# This programme is developed by MiCT and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Dutch DOEN Foundation. With additional support from the BMW Foundation, the Mediterranean School of Business, ASHOKA, the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and PLURAL Media Services.
Cover illustration of MiCT's handbook "The Media Business for Pioneers"