A training and coaching facility for Iraqi journalists, based in Iraq that aims at fostering an independent, sustainable and professional local media scene.

Production Runtime:

June 2011 to present


German Federal Foreign Office

The Media Academy Iraq is helping the country move toward an independent and sustainable media industry through the recruitment, training and empowerment of local media professionals. 

The Media Academy Iraq trainers teach custom-made curricula in the Academy’s Erbil headquarters; they also do this online and on-site, in media houses around the country. But the training involves more than words on a blackboard. Students are also offered an immediate opportunity to practice the craft of journalism – the most suitable stories are published on the MICT-managed Iraqi current affairs portal, The tri-lingual website also serves as a coaching platform to aspiring Iraqi journalists who are supervised by their more experienced peers.

“By Iraqis for Iraqis” – this is the Academy’s mandate and it governs all of the organisation’s activities, from the recruitment and training of Academy leadership to the training programs and workshops conducted in media houses throughout the country.

Over the past ten years, MICT has provided training and media coaching for more than a thousand Iraqi journalists.