Mali: ORTM Website & Digital Roadmap
In Mid-August our team came back from another trip to Mali’s capital Bamako where it continued to work on the new website for the West African country’s national broadcaster “Office de Radiodiffusion Television du Mali” (ORTM). Our experts Catherine Richardson and Renaud Gaudin presented the layouts to the management as well as to the editors-in-chief for TV and radio.

ORTM had already set up an online editorial team in the forerun of the 2012 presidential elections. During the coup d’état however in March of that same year, several state institutions – including the headquarters of ORTM – were attacked. The incidents put an end to all online efforts.

Therefore, MiCT has organised several workshops since February 2015 in order to re-establish an online team and to newly launch the ORTM’s website. From the end of October, the new homepage will feature live streams for both TV and radio content. ORTM’s top shows like the news programme Journal Télévisé will be online shortly after being broadcast on TV. The website will also include interactive elements to enable users to send their feedback to the editors.

The project is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and builds on our previous project for the creation of a roadmap for ORTM in preparation for the future digital and mobile developments in Mali. In 2015, around 85% of the Malian population have access to 2G and 18% to 3G+ networks. The overall figures for mobile users are expected to increase continuously over the upcoming decade, the same is true for 3G/4G availability. In order to prepare ORTM for these changes, MiCT sent a team of experts to Bamako to conduct research on site.

The result was the report in French below, which is free for download. It offers a comprehensive overview of the expected developments in the online and mobile sectors within the next five years. It then goes on to analyse the strength and weaknesses of ORTM before offering recommendations related to editorial and managerial structures.