Workshop that aimed to encourage the best possible reporting on elections and politics and to bridge the gaps between regional and central media; results were published on a dedicated website.

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German Federal Foreign Office, Tunisian Centre for the Freedom of Journalists

La Tunisie Vote was a workshop that aimed to encourage better reporting around elections and politics. The workshop helped a network of young Tunisian journalists develop professionally, matching their skills to the reality of their surroundings. The workshop took place under the guidance of a team of Tunisian media experts.

Journalists were encouraged to use a range of media to produce timely and exclusive material that was eventually published on the project’s dedicated website,, in three languages, Arabic, French and English.

La Tunisie Vote also strove to bridge the media gap that exists between the regions of Tunisia, offering Tunisian voters deeper insight on issues that have a direct impact on their lives while supporting their right to make informed decisions in the October 23 election – the election would result in a Constituent Assembly that would rewrite the country’s new constitution.
Anja Wollenberg, Sven Recker and Koumay Mulhem during an MICT journalism seminar in Tunisia