Iraq 360 Degrees


Radio broadcast following two Iraqi writers on their journey through the art and culture of the Middle East.

Production Runtime:

01 September 2005 to 31 December 2005


German Federal Foreign Office, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

They left Baghdad International Airport on September 1, 2005; two Iraqi writers, Faris Harram and Abdulmohsin Saleh, set out on a journey which, over the three months to follow, would take them to Damascus, Istanbul and Ankara, Cairo and Beirut. At each stage of their journey, they met with artists and intellectuals, writers and publishers, and attended concerts and exhibitions. Every part of their voyage and all of their experiences would become a radio show, Iraq 360 Degrees.

For the three months of the journey, the show was broadcast weekly on one Lebanese radio station and three Iraqi radio stations. During these shows, the two intrepid Iraqi writers and various local correspondents from the cities they visited reported on the state of contemporary art in the region.
Dana Asaad during a workshop at Radio Dang in Kurdistan hosted by Media Academy Iraq