How To Be A Better Editor
In a follow up to MiCT’s instructive handbook, Shortcuts to Journalism, the Berlin-based non-governmental organisation, which specialises in media development in conflict and post conflict zones, has published “Shortcuts to Editing”.

The guide, which contains information about an editor’s job and their basic tasks as well as such useful techniques as how to communicate constructively, commission stories precisely and lead news conferences more effectively, is around 60 pages long and has been published in English and Arabic.

As the foreword to the book, written by the former bureau chief for AFP in Iraq, explains: good editors “are the nameless, credit-less backbone of journalism, easily criticised but rarely recognised for their contributions to news. The best editors … are sounding boards for reporters with the beginnings of an idea. They are guides for journalists on the ground. They alternatively help reporters prepare for major interviews and temper impetuousness when news is breaking. This guide will help you build the foundation to be a strong editor, giving you the tools to help shape and guide coverage, to improve writing and reporting and work with reporters and correspondents to produce the best possible journalism”.

From November 2014, “Shortcuts to Editing” will be available for free to download from MiCT’s website and the print version can be purchased on the MiCT website. “Shortcuts to Journalism” is available in the same formats, from the same websites.