Geneva Talks
The project, Social Media for the Syrian Opposition, evolved around the negotiations for peace in Syria initiated in 2016. The Geneva talks are held under the auspices of the United Nations between representatives of the Syrian regime and the Higher Negotiations Committee, or HNC, which represents significant parts of the Syrian opposition. The next round of the Geneva talks is slated to start on May 15.

Since the start of the Geneva talks, MiCT has been aiding the HNC’s communication efforts, with financial support from the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, or IfA. MiCT is helping the HNC to reach out to target groups in different countries and to communicate its messages directly and effectively. Target groups for this project are interested media users in Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey and in Kurdish regions.

In concrete terms, MiCT is working with the HNC to establish, manage, and use Twitter accounts in up to six different languages: Arabic, English, Russian, Farsi, Turkish and Kurdish. MiCT is also supporting the HNC Facebook accounts as well as the HNC website. In addition, MiCT is providing capacity building for the HNC social media team.
© UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré