Fresh From The Press For The Sudans
The eighth print edition of our Sudan and South Sudan project has been published on 9 July 2016. The issue is both in English and Arabic in order to overcome language barriers between and within the two Sudans. Our team has been continuously training more than fifty young journalists from what are now (Northern) Sudan and South(ern) Sudan since 2009 to promote peaceful dialogue.

“Enter houses through their doors”, suggests an old Sudanese saying. The image on the cover of our new edition, taken five years ago of a man clambering over a fence to view the debut football match of South Sudan’s national team, shows how you can just as easily take an unorthodox route.

Over the past five years, both Sudan and South Sudan have taken a few unexpected detours. To mark the five-year anniversary of the separation of the Sudans, The Niles correspondents from both countries have taken a closer look at the paths taken by the neighbouring states. Many developments are sobering, but a few offer scope for hope. In any case, the idiom on the cover of the first print edition of The Niles, published five years ago today, rings truer than ever: It is a fool who rejoices, when the neighbour is in trouble.

5.000 copies of the new edition have already been distributed as supplements by the Khartoum-based daily “Al Jareeda”, dissemination in South Sudan is planned to follow soon.

In 2014, The Niles print series was displayed at the prestigious German media prize “LEAD awards” held at Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen and received an honourable mention. Articles by The Niles have been featured by The Guardian’s Africa Network and other leading international media.