Election Monitor Iraq


A daily radio show that focussed on the Iraqi elections of 2006. It involved professional training for radio journalists, a website for streaming the show and the production of a newspaper supplement that detailed all Iraqi political parties.

Production Runtime:

21 December 2004 to 31 February 2005


German Federal Foreign Office

Election Monitor Iraq was a radio program that focussed on the preparation and implementation of the Iraqi elections in January 2006, then followed up with analysis. Over three months, daily 30 minute shows discussed election topics with candidates, presented the political parties and their platforms, asked election observers about the ongoing process and explained how voting was done, how votes were counted and so forth.

The program was broadcast by four different radio stations in 11 Iraqi provinces. Content was produced by 20 correspondents in Iraq and then the program itself was put together at the MICT studio in Berlin using the different correspondents’ contributions. Some parts of the broadcast were collated and continued to be broadcast via a website, so that they could continue to be accessed after the initial broadcast.

The Iraqi correspondents were trained for the project, in radio reporting and in reporting on an election, during a seven day workshop in Amman.

Another part of the project involved the production of an election booklet in which all candidates and parties were explained. The Guide to Iraqi Parties was distributed as a supplement by the newspaper, Sabah Al Jadeed.