Election Day
Venue: Berlin, Kulturbrauerei, 31 January 2005
Support: German Foreign Office
Topic: Elections

On the occasion of the Iraqi parliamentary elections, on 31 January 2005, MICT invited eight Middle East experts to a debate on the political process in Iraq, the elections within the context of political tensions, and the election results. The panel, which was held before an audience of 350 guests, was moderated by Michael Lüders and included Susanne Fischer (IWPR), Henner Fürtig (GIGA Institute), Aktham Sulaiman (Al Jazeera), Nesrine Shibib (MICT), Hassan Hussein (Deutsche Welle) and Ala Hussein Al-Hashimi (Iraqi ambassador to Germany).

The discussion was held within the framework of a four-hour live radio show, broadcasted from Iraq, on the vote counting in the country and the immediate impact of the election, which the audience in Berlin could listen to via headphones either in the Arabic original or simultaneously translated into German. A bilingual ticker, projected at a big screen, provided the latest news sent to Berlin by MICT’s correspondents and election observers in Iraq.