election café tripoli
Project: An independent media centre based in central Tripoli, where local and international journalists could gather and receive updates on Libya’s first free elections since 1952.

Production Runtime: 06 July 2012 to 09 July 2012

Partners: German Foreign Office

An independent media centre in Libya, where journalists could find updates on current events as well as a range of opinions from every part of the country. MICT’s Media Café was located at the Hotel Bab Al Bahr in Tripoli, Libya, set up to coincide with the first free elections in Libya since 1952; these were held on July 7, 2012.

The editorial team from the Tripoli-based newspaper, Libya Jadidah and MICT colleagues gathered there to run the Election Café and catered for both local and international journalists. Information and updates were available at the Election Café and also from the MICT-run website, Correspondents.org.