Egypt Electionnaire


A website offering information on Egyptian elections: users complete various exercises and answer questions to get a better idea of where political parties stood on key issues.

Production Runtime:

July 2011 to November 2011


German Federal Foreign Office, Canadian Foreign Office

MICT’s Electionnaire Egypt project was undertaken in cooperation with an Egyptian NGO, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, or ANHRI. The Electionnaire compared the views of the user with the views of 31 major political parties competing in Egypt’s November 2011 general elections, on 29 different, much-debated topics.

Users answered a number of questions on the site and were then able to see which parties held similar or different positions to themselves. Of course, voters were not supposed to vote just according to this result. Rather, the tool offered them greater background information before they went to the ballot box.

The questionnaire was compiled using answers solicited from 31 Egyptian political parties after MICT and ANHRI came up with a set of questions on key issues for Egyptian voters. The answers reflected the positions of the political parties between July and September 2011.

The concept was based on a popular idea first developed in 1989 by the Dutch Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek. Since 1998 similar applications have gone online in various nations, mostly in Europe, but also in South Korea and Bhutan. MICT produced its first Electionnaire for Iraqi voters in 2005.