“Ebola ByeBye”
A number of initiatives countering the spread of Ebola have aimed to provide vital information to the general population of Sierra Leone. Radio has played a central role in many regions of the country.

The main objective of this project is to provide information to one specific target group: those parts of the population that so far have little or no “connection” to the phenomenon “Ebola”, and have little or no access to the existing (media) campaigns and initiatives. The project provides a technical infrastructure especially designed to provide access to information in parts of the country without prior access. During the first months of the field phase, MiCT will provide 15 villages in all three provinces with small scale FM radio transmitters as well as a sufficient number of receivers.

Simultaneously we are designing a specialized program grid in collaboration with our local partners, the Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA) and Culture Radio Freetown. The program grid shall reflect specific regional circumstances, languages etc. It will consist of a mix of information and entertainment, as well as a mix of formats, e.g. reportage, talk show, short radio drama, etc. During the course of the project it will be possible to select additional locations, or to replace pre-selected ones, according to the needs on the ground.

“Ebola Bye Bye” is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.