EARS / Uganda
In Uganda, around 60 million euros are invested annually in radio advertising by international and local companies. Yet until now, the main beneficiaries have been the large radio stations in Kampala, the nation’s capital. Thanks to the newly founded East Africa Radio Service (EARS), the Ugandan advertising market is now moving forward. EARS represents the majority of the 300 local radio stations in Uganda and reaches a larger audience than any other provider in the country.

Through EARS, advertisers and agencies based out of Kampala can now access previously insulated rural areas via their local radio stations. EARS works closely with the market research company IPSOS, and therefore supports media professionals in their data-based media strategies, primarily by increasing the share of local broadcasters in the advertising market. Through such a symbiotic relationship, the East Africa Radio Service connects rural broadcasters to the greater advertisement market, thus providing these stations with a source of stability and allowing them to more securely perform their public service.

Partners of this MiCT-project are the Uganda Radio Network and Florian Ruckert, former managing director of RMS, Germany’s largest radio marketer. The development of EARS is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).