Online magazine with content produced by journalists in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Providing professional development for media producers and balanced information for readers, across the three post-revolution nations.

Production Runtime:

Early 2012 to currently running


German Federal Foreign Office is a platform for both developing and professional journalists from Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. A bi-lingual, digital magazine, it offers features, exclusive interviews with regional experts and insightful opinion pieces and fosters commonalities between the nations involved. The website utilises a network of around 120 journalists, all reporting from inside their own countries.

MICT has editorial teams working in Tunis, Tripoli and Cairo and besides publishing on a weekly basis, there are also journalism training workshops taking place at the local bureaus.

Original reporting from is made available for re-publication free of charge, in regional and international media, with the aim of giving new journalists exposure, experienced journalists a broader range and providing balanced and informative coverage as overseen by the international editors.