Exhibition on conditions in modern-day Babel held in a prestigious central Berlin museum.

Production Runtime:

27 July 2010 to 31 October 2010


Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

What does daily life look like in Babel today? Does the myth of ancient Babel still have any relevance? What has happened to the historic archaeological sites during Iraq’s various conflicts?

In this exhibition at the historic Pergamon Museum in central Berlin, 14 citizens of Babel talk about their lives, share their personal political analyses and reflect on how ancient history still influences daily life in the capital of Babel province, Hilla.

The descendants of Nebuchadnezzar, Hammurabi and Semiramis describe life in Babel today and their conversations are shown as an installation with 10 screens. The exhibition was also shown at the British Museum in London as part of the exhibition: Babylon – Myth and Truth. They were arranged and filmed by Iraqi filmmaker and fine arts graduate, Hadi Mahood.

Still from Ziad Turkey's "Under the Ashes" (2007)