First Audience Research In Syria
MiCT is pleased to announce the publication of a research project, completed together with the assistance of the American University in Beirut, that surveyed Syrians about their media consumption for the first time.

While Syrians everywhere rely mainly on satellite television for information huge potential remains for radio, which is less widely available in contested areas and those controlled by anti-regime forces – 74 percent compared to 92 percent in government controlled areas. The number of people who actually use radio as a source of information is comparable in both areas at 60 percent for those who have access. At the same time, Syrians in contested areas and those controlled by anti-regime forces are far less likely to name a radio station they trust compared to respondents in government-controlled parts of Syria. This may indicate that listeners in contested areas are badly serviced due to the dominance of radio stations close to the regime.

Media and journalism professor, Dr Jad Melki and his team, conducted more than 2,600 interviews around Syria – in Damascus, Homs, Hama, Deir el Zour, Raqqa and the Kurdish areas in the north – as well as in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Funding for the project was provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.
Reading in Idlib, Syria, in early 2014. Picture by ASML and SMART