Fresh From The Press: Afghanistan Today #1
The first print edition of our Afghanistan Today (AT) project has been published in May 2015 in English. As an independent news site and training platform for Dari and Pashto-speaking journalists, AT has been developing a network of over 50 journalists reporting from both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its focus is mainly on feature-style content covering culture, society and politics from an in-depth, local perspective.

While much of the international discourse about Afghanistan in 2014 revolved around terrorism, troop reduction and tribal politics, the AT contributors were writing stories that suggested a more vibrant reality. Economic uncertainty and fear of a Taliban resurgence were recurring themes in our colleagues’ articles, but their reporting also painted the profile of a nation refusing to relinquish its progress towards peace and stability. The goal of AT’s editorial team was to illustrate these nuances in a print publication that showcased the best of their year’s work.

It was a conscious decision to design the edition using photography that is authentic, though not necessarily the most technically advanced, in order to give our local correspondents a global platform for their visual work.