Women reporting on national and transnational security issues
03 May 2020
In Libya and in Tunisia we are fighting for the inclusion of female voices in the most essential conversations.
Media Business Development 
02 May 2020
We coach media outlets in marketing, management and the development of business models.
Reporting Training in the Maldives
29 Jan 2020
Reporting about corruption and the centralization of economic and political power are among the biggest challenges for journalists in the Maldives.
The Gentleman Hacker's Christmas Reading List 2019
09 Dec 2019
A handcrafted assortment of brain bonbons across the technological media landscape.
The Gentleman Hacker
Series 1 Episode 1:
Internet Shutdowns
08 Nov 2019
The first episode of our podcast that explores the issues surrounding Internet Shutdowns.
Investigative Journalism for Transparency / Ukraine
26 Aug 2019
Series of workshops in Yaremche, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporozhy, Odessa and Kiev.
Min al Janoub / Southern Iraq
26 Aug 2019
The relevance of having a deeper look into Basra is immens.
EARS / Uganda
28 May 2019
A new Radio Representation Agency is financially supporting local radio stations.
Catamaran / Sri Lanka
28 May 2019
Conflict sensitive Journalism aiming to calm down a climate of fear and anger.
NAMA / North Africa
28 May 2019
Want to become a trainer? Wanna improve your editorial skills? Check out our brand-new Academy mainly developed for senior media experts.
28 May 2019
How to use the momentum to support freedom of speech and fight censorship in Sudan.
Media Mapping / Libya
28 May 2019
Big surprise: Small radio stations play a bigger role than expected.
Blue Peace Media Lab / Middle East
28 May 2019
Telling developments in the water sector in a constructive manner.
The Niles / East Africa
28 May 2019
Conversations about Conservation. Out now: The latest issue of The Niles newspaper.
Pocket FM
28 May 2019
Tough as a cockroach - that’s Pocket FM, a flexible FM transmitter solution for crisis regions.
Do you understand me? ...
13 Dec 2017
... is the overall topic of the first The Catamaran newspaper.
Constructive Water Reporting
19 Jul 2017
What do countries like Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Jordan all have in common?
Media Pioneers East Africa: Apply Now
19 Jul 2017
Media Pioneers is a course for a new generation of media entrepreneurs from East Africa.
Mossul Roundtable & Open Eye Award
07 Jun 2017
Gemeinsam mit ExpertInnen diskutieren wir die aktuelle Situation der Stadt Mossul.
Regard de près
17 May 2017
A closer look at reporting on human rights issues in Mauritania.
Reliable Sources
17 May 2017
Communications and media training on water resources in the Middle East.
Geneva Talks
17 May 2017
Tweeting to support the peace process in Syria.
Here we are
17 May 2017
Unique videos, photos and features from people on the move in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
17 May 2017
Three new radio stations have joined the Syria radio network.
Correspondents is expanding in North Africa
17 May 2017
The online magazine welcomes new contributors from Algeria.
17 May 2017
The new radio station for those who fled Mosul. 
Journalism Against Propaganda
17 May 2017
Counterbalancing Islamic State propaganda in Iraq through conflict-sensitive reporting.
Media Academy Iraq
17 May 2017
Ethics committee meets to discuss the role of media after the fall of the extremist Islamic State group.
Media Pioneers Tunisia
17 May 2017
Equipping local radio stations with media sales skills.
Fresh off the Press for the Sudans
17 May 2017
Out NOW: New print issue of The Niles on population in the two countries.
Explore Sri Lanka with the
17 May 2017
Tamil and Sinhalese journalists write about the reconciliation process in their country.
A discourse analysis by Sri Lankan journalists
06 Feb 2017
This study investigates the scope and nature of how reconciliation is covered in Sri Lankan newspapers.
Nov 3-4: Observer, Agitator, Target
13 Sep 2016
Register until September 30 for our FoME Symposium on MediaDev in fragile contexts!
August 27: SyrNet At Foreign Office Berlin
24 Aug 2016
Our Syria Radio Network airing live from the Open Day of Germany's Federal Government!
Pocket FM Finalist For Empowering People
16 Aug 2016
Vote for our micro-transmitter at the prestigious award of the Siemens Stiftung!
Sri Lanka Media Dialogue In Berlin
15 Aug 2016
Workshop week with Sinhalese & Tamil guests on Constructive Journalism:
Syria Audience Research 2016
21 Jul 2016
Freshly published, in collaboration with Free Press Unlimited & the Global Forum for Media Development!
Fresh From The Press For The Sudans
09 Jul 2016
Out NOW: new print issue of our "The Niles" on the fifth anniversary of separation!
Migration Media Usage Survey
22 Jun 2016
How do Iraqi & Syrian refugees inform themselves before, during & after their flight?
Sri Lanka: Trilingual Portal Launched
15 Jun 2016
New platform for young journalists in English, Sinhalese & Tamil!
Pocket FM V3 Launched At GMF
10 Jun 2016
New version on display at the Global Media Forum in Bonn:
Foreign Correspondents Course In Erbil
04 Jun 2016
Our Media Academy Iraq is offering a five-day training in September 2016:
MiCT A La Biennale Di Venezia
28 May 2016
Contributing Sudan context to Sir David Chipperfield's presentation:
GFMD Pre-Departure Brainstorming
20 May 2016
Co-hosting a session with the Global Forum for Media Development on media & migration:
Fresh From The Press For The Sudans
13 Apr 2016
Out NOW: new print issue of our "The Niles" on issues of migration!
Jour Fixe May 2016 On Exile Media
19 Feb 2016
RWB & MiCT co-hosted annual conference of German MediaDev organisations:
Mali Media Usage Survey
12 Feb 2016
New study paper in cooperation with FES and the Institute of Rural Economy in Bamako:
First Cooperation With JICA In Juba
12 Feb 2016
Training for management of South Sudan TV and Radio conducted:
Ebola Bye Bye Freetown Training
09 Feb 2016
Bringing access to information in remote parts of Sierra Leone:
28 Jan 2016
Our START FM piloted on Feb 9 at Sasha Waltz & Guests + via livestream!
Vientiane Digital Storytelling Camp
02 Jan 2016
Our first project in Laos, with young media makers!
Kabul River Basin Water Management
02 Jan 2016
New report in cooperation with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI):
Syrnet Radio Promo In Hama & Idlib
01 Jan 2016
Meanwhile, the New York Times reported about our Pocket FM in Syria:
Fresh From The Press For The Sudans
06 Dec 2015
Out NOW: new print edition of our "The Niles" on water issues!
Sudan Media Delegation In Berlin
03 Dec 2015
MiCT organised journalism & politics programme for visitors from Khartoum:
Art At MiCT: Photography From Iran
07 Nov 2015
Overwhelming interest in our pop-up exhibition!
"Shabab Case“: FM For Young Syrians
21 Oct 2015
Brave new radio programme by two of the freshest Syrnet stations:
Conflict-Sensitive Reporting In Colombo
21 Oct 2015
Training Sinhalese and Tamil media in Sri Lanka:
Media Pioneers Workshops In Tunis
17 Oct 2015
Media Planning & Audience Research for Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Marocco & Tunisia:
Al-Yemeni.Org Launched
15 Oct 2015
New platform for young, local journalists from across the troubled country:
MiCT Minsk: Belarus Election Reporting
12 Oct 2015
"Granitsa"-Workshop for journalists from all Eastern Partnership countries held:
Nigeria: "Spaces Of Displacement"
30 Sep 2015
Negotiations of Migration and Refugeeism in Mass Media and Visual Arts in Lagos:
NiemanLab On Our Pocket FM
29 Sep 2015
The Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University examines our micro transmitter:
MiCT In Sulaymaniyah: Debating Media Ethics
29 Sep 2015
Our Media Academy Iraq brought together leading media makers on IS challenges:
FM Waves Fighting BXW In Tanzania
14 Sep 2015
Counteracting Banana Xanthomonas Wilt through community radio:
Friday Night At MiCT Berlin: Recker Reads
09 Sep 2015
Our editor-in-chief presented his debut novel at our head office!
North Korea Football TV Training
08 Sep 2015
See what our recent sports journalism workshop in Pyongyang looked like:
Granitsa: CIS Cross-Border Training
03 Sep 2015
For journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine:
Mali: ORTM Website & Digital Roadmap
25 Aug 2015
Supporting the digital transformation of the national broadcaster:
Mourning Peter Julius Moi
21 Aug 2015
We are deeply shocked by the killing of our South Sudanese colleague.
Ebola ByeBye: New Video
15 Jul 2015
Watch the new clip about our radio project in Sierra Leone:
Open Eye Medals Awarded In Iraq
04 Jun 2015
Three investigative journalists honoured by MiCT’s Media Academy in Erbil:
Launch Of New Print Issues In Berlin
22 May 2015
On May 28th, MiCT celebrated the publication of Afghanistan Today #1 & The Niles #5.
"Ebola ByeBye" In Sierra Leone
22 May 2015
New project to provide access to FM radio in remote areas for anti-Ebola campaigns.
MiCT Work In Progress 2014/15
22 May 2015
Download our new report about past, present and future projects!
Fresh From The Press: Afghanistan Today #1
19 May 2015
"Picking up the pieces" is a collection of the best features and photography from our
North Korea: New Friends, Old Foes
01 May 2015
On April 30th, 2015, MiCT organised a roundtable discussion in Berlin with international experts.
Fresh From The Press: The Niles #5
24 Apr 2015
"People On The Move" documents the journeys of millions of Sudanese and South Sudanese fleeing war, hunger and poverty.
Syria: Access To Local Information Via FM
01 Apr 2015
MiCT has sent 450 hand-cranked and solar-powered radios to Syria.
Local Radio In Tanzania Assessment
21 Mar 2015
Looking at how community radio stations & their network could better fund themselves.
Cooperation With ORTM Mali Continues
23 Feb 2015
MiCT's country experts returned to Bamako in February for more research.
Groundviews From Sri Lanka
22 Feb 2015
An MiCT delegation visited the South Asian island country in February 2015.
Syrnet Video Available Online
02 Feb 2015
Watch our mini-documentary aboutn the Syria Radio Network on YouTube.
"Open Eye Award" For Journalists
24 Jan 2015
Correspondents trained by MiCT were celebrated in Berlin for outstanding contributions.
New Correspondents Magazine Published
22 Dec 2014
This year’s magazine examines the topic of leadership in the MENA region.
How To Be A Better Editor
22 Oct 2014
MICT publishes Shortcuts to Editing in Arabic and English; the book is available online and in print.
Afghan Media Across Borders And Cultures
01 Oct 2014
Pakistani and Afghan journalists team up in Islamabad to work on news reports for Afghanistan Today.
First Audience Research In Syria
13 Aug 2014
Results of one of the first audience research surveys of Syrians, both inside and outside the country, are in.
The Iraqi Media After ISIS?
15 Jul 2014
Media Academy Iraq hosted a roundtable where Iraqi media discussed ethics and ISIS.
Iranian Media Dialogue
17 Jun 2014
MICT will bring five media professionals from Iran to Berlin.
Sudanese and South Sudanese journalists together in Kenya
14 Apr 2014
In January 2013, the team working on MICT’s Sudan and South Sudan journalism project, met with over 20 of their correspondents in Nairobi.
Handbook Helps Media Pioneers Gain Business Savvy
14 Apr 2014
How can a free and independent media survive financially in times of political instability? This MICT publication seeks to answer that question.
Open Eye Award 2013
31 Mar 2014
Sustainability Coaching for Girls Only radio
31 Mar 2014
MICT Assists Tunisia's Voters
22 Mar 2014
MICT helps produce an Electionnaire survey for Tunisia’s upcoming elections.
07 May 2013
07 May 2013
A Tribute to Mohammed Wardi
07 May 2013
The latest music production of The Niles is part of the special print edition one year after the separation of the South from the North.
.iq just released!
Erbil | 05 May 2013
The print magazine .iq – Portrait of an unknown country offers unusual geographical insight into Iraq.
02 May 2013
Sudan-Event at the Bundestag
02 May 2013
Jour Fixe Medien und Entwicklung 09
02 May 2013
MICT @ Transmediale
02 May 2013
Election Day
02 May 2013
election café tripoli
02 May 2013
Tunisian round-table
17 Mar 2013