North Korea
This East Asian country – officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or the DPRK - has been considered one of the most secretive and isolated states in the world for decades. North Korea has been led by the Kim family almost since Japanese rule ended there after WWII. Although elections are held there and the country describes itself as socialist, it is also been widely criticised for its dictatorial leadership, lack of transparency and human rights abuses.

All of the country’s resources are state controlled and its isolation, its nuclear ambitions and its antipathy toward neighbouring South Korea has seen economic stagnation and a reliance on foreign aid.

Media in the DPRK: All local media is state owned and controlled. Foreign media is barely available or known because of tight restrictions on satellite broadcasts and the Internet. Nonetheless there is a wide range of local media in North Korea, as well as a film industry, all of which produce distinctly local programmes and material.
MICT first worked with media in the DPRK in 2013.