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Online Lesung & Gespräch: SCHUTZZONE - Nora Bossong mit Martin Kobler
Sie sind eingeladen, sich an dem Gespräch zu beteiligen.
Reporting Training in the Maldives
Reporting about corruption and the centralization of economic and political power are among the biggest challenges for journalists in the Maldives.
The Gentleman Hacker's Christmas Reading List 2019
A handcrafted assortment of brain bonbons across the technological media landscape.
The Gentleman Hacker
Series 1 Episode 1:
Internet Shutdowns
The first episode of our podcast that explores the issues surrounding Internet Shutdowns.
Investigative Journalism for Transparency / Ukraine
Series of workshops in Yaremche, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporozhy, Odessa and Kiev.
Min al Janoub / Southern Iraq
The relevance of having a deeper look into Basra is immens.
EARS / Uganda
A new Radio Representation Agency is financially supporting local radio stations.
Catamaran / Sri Lanka
Conflict sensitive Journalism aiming to calm down a climate of fear and anger.
NAMA / North Africa
Want to become a trainer? Wanna improve your editorial skills? Check out our brand-new Academy mainly developed for senior media experts.
How to use the momentum to support freedom of speech and fight censorship in Sudan.
Media Mapping / Libya
Big surprise: Small radio stations play a bigger role than expected.
Blue Peace Media Lab / Middle East
Telling developments in the water sector in a constructive manner.
The Niles / East Africa
Conversations about Conservation. Out now: The latest issue of The Niles newspaper.
Pocket FM
Tough as a cockroach - that’s Pocket FM, a flexible FM transmitter solution for crisis regions.